Connecting SMEs for a green economy

EC Green Action Plan

GreenEcoNet takes part in the Green Action Plan

28th November: GreenEcoNet participates in EC policy consultation. How can the EC support SMEs to become 'green'? What barriers do SMEs face in becoming more resource efficient? What kind of financial support do SMEs require to make the transition? 

As part of the consultation process for the Green Action Plan for SMEs, on 28th Novemeber the EC brought together small business leaders, researchers and policy experts to collect their views on the most effective support measures for SMEs in all sectors to become more resource efficient and sell internationally green products.

The results of this public consultation will be used to shape the actions aimed at promoting resource efficiency for and by SMEs to be included in the forthcoming Green Action Plan for SMEs. The consultation will complement the results of the Flash Eurobarometer 342 on “SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets”, which will also be taken into consideration in the preparation of future actions.

The GreenEcoNet consortium took part in the workshop in order to share the aims of the online platform as a way of connecting SMEs, researchers and policy makers to accelerate the transition to green economies (presentation here).