Connecting SMEs for a green economy

Our approach

GreenEcoNet's mission is to develop the first Europe-wide platform for SMEs and research communities in order to accelerate the transition to green economies. Our three-year project is divided into five interrelated work packages (WPs).

Mapping the Green Economy (WP1):

The first aim is to develop a taxonomy for all the actors, practices and initiatives that constitute a green economy. The taxonomy will enable us to build a searchable database of different green economy initiatives – including regulations, business models and consumer initiatives – that are already in use in different local, national and regional contexts. Partners involved: UPRC

Building an online platform (WP2):

To connect businesses, policy-makers and researchers, we will develop a dynamic online platform that will allow all users to share experience, search for different initiatives and case studies and engage in dialogue on some of the barriers and opportunities involved in the transition to green economies. Our aim is for this to be a global destination of choice for green economy practitioners and researchers alike. Partners involved: GEC, UPRC

Stimulating debate and engagement (WP3):

The transition to greener economies brings new opportunities, challenges and hurdles. To better understand the practical and policy aspects of the transition our team will be hosting thematic workshops, annual meetings and online dialogues to engage SMEs, policy makers and researchers to explore the practical dimensions of the transition.Partners involved: CEPS, GEC

Shaping policy and improving knowledge (WP4):

For SMEs to drive the transition to a green economy, they will need enabling policy and practical support. Our team will be working with all stakeholders including planners, businesses, analysts and decision makers to develop guidance and tools. They will also be tracking and engaging with some of the key policy frameworks (e.g. Rio+20, UNFCCC, EU, etc.) in the context of supporting new green business practices. Partners involved: JIN

Project management (WP5):

To ensure that all our partners are working together as effectively and efficiently as possible, SEI will support the consortium partners across all of their activities and deliverables. Partners involved: SEI

GreenEcoNet Work Packages

 GreenEcoNet work packages