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Stakeholder engagement plan gets underway

Stakeholder engagement plan gets underway

21st September: Stakeholder engagement plan gets underway.

Over the last six weeks the GreenEcoNet partners have been discussing the shape of their stakeholder engagement plan. Who are our key target stakeholders? How can we reach them? What have we learnt from working with different groups of stakeholders in the past? Led by CEPs, the consortium have now finalised a plan of action for engaging and working with different stakeholder groups including SMEs, SME networks, policy makers, academics, consumers and civil society groups. The plan aims to achieve a dynamic two-way dialogue between the consortium and our target audience, which will be initiated by our first Thematic workshop on 28th November in Brussels.

Led by EcoLogic, the consortium have also finalised a criteria for selecting the Advisors for the GreenEcoNet project as it moves forward. The criteria will not only ensure a transparent selection process but it will help identify experts who are able to provide salient input both in terms of Green Economy topics as well as accessible and relevant information about the project’s main target group, SMEs. 

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