Connecting SMEs for a green economy

stakeholder engagement

Innovation Lab
7th January: We wanted to thank all those who came to the GreenEcoNet Innovation Lab on November 29 at CEPs in Brussels. The workshop provided some critical feedback on the role, structure and function of the GreenEcoNet platform, which we are now feeding directly into our plans moving forward. You can read the full summary report here. Topline... Full Article
Innovation Lab in action
29th November: Today the GreenEcoNet consortium brought together stakeholders in Brussels to gather their feedback on the role of the GreenEcoNet platform. This half day workshop aimed to generate input and recommendations from SMEs, researchers and policy makers as to how the Green EcoNet online and offline platform could be of most value to the... Full Article
GreenEcoNet takes part in the Green Action Plan
28th November: GreenEcoNet participates in EC policy consultation. How can the EC support SMEs to become 'green'? What barriers do SMEs face in becoming more resource efficient? What kind of financial support do SMEs require to make the transition?  As part of the consultation process for the Green Action Plan for SMEs, on 28th Novemeber the EC... Full Article